Monday, 17 September 2018

Visiting spots in Yokohama: Yokohama Kwan Teibyo

The Kwan Tai Temple enshrines Kwan Tai, a general of Shu Kingdom who served under the warload Liu Bei in the period of the three kingdoms(AC220-280) in China,  He is known as a man of war, bravery and righteousness and worshiped throughout China, especially in Southern part of China. Many Chinese from Canton came to Yokohama as office clerks for Western trading companies, tailors, barbers, and chefs and formed the largest community in Japan.

They built the temple in 1871. It has been the center of the community since then.  It is located at the corner of Chusan Ro and Kan Tei Byo street. The temple was destroyed by fires three times in the past. The current temple is the 4th one. The temple is known as  Kan Tei Byo in Japanese and loved by local people,too. It is also one of Yokohama's tourist places now.

Because of his characters and skills in logistics- he is believed to have invented an Abacus and a Chinese book keeping-   the temple is worshiped by merchants. Besides prosperity in businesses, it is believed to have benefits such as health, safety, well-being of family, etc, and the temple is visited throughout the year.

Some years ago, a famous Feng-shui practitioner introduced the temple as a cosmic place, where you can be given mystical power by visiting in his books. I do not believe in superstitions. But I feel as though I got energized after visit. Maybe that is the center of the town where is full of vivid color, lively sounds and delicious food.

Visit this amazing place in Yokohama; plan your trip to Japan.
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